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Based on the Double Diamond design thinking methodology, our framework enables a complete scope of consulting and advisory services leading your business challenge to technology application. Our multi-practical approach organizes elements into three main pillars to ensure superior performance in processes and results:

/ Service focus: get the right things.
/ Solution focus: get things right.
/ Support focus: do the right things.

As trust advisors, our practices guide clients through five fundamental stages that must be understood in depth in order for your business process to truly tap into the potential of digital transformation. We employ light and agile methodologies, which are ideal in a highly competitive environment, to discover, define, design, implement and support your business process and application.

practice 1

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Designing services for your business. /

Clearly understanding the goals and impacts across all six dimensions of the challenge – business, brand, customer, experience, journey and processes - is crucial to accurately align solutions and applications to specific goals related to the business itself, customer satisfaction, and more impactful brand experiences.

[ kolekto ] thinking was specifically designed to employ research techniques, interviews and mainly workshops to explore the contexts of service journeys that impact and are directly influenced by the solutions and applications developed to overcome business challenges.

image with icons representing the elements of kolekto thinking: business, brand, client, experience, journey, and processes

practice 2

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Designing solutions for your application. /

Tried-and-true exclusive methodology that translates your business challenge into a technology solution and governance design within the Salesforce® Customer 360 platform. We validate all of the solution’s technical and business deliverables, from launch strategy to support, among all key stakeholders.

[ kolekto ] blueprint delivers ten artifacts covering the entire functional and technical context of the solution, while also anticipating change management needs and risks associated to the project or governance of the solution in a simple, visual and comprehensive manner, aligning priorities and expertise.

practice 3

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image of circular flow icons identifying six steps: detailed specification, high-definition prototype, sprint, product, testing, and implementation.

Management of agile projects and teams. /

The digital transformation challenge is bigger than just obtaining results: it’s about how we carry out this process along with our clients. We want to bring more visibility, collaboration and control over agile projects and teams to speed up deliveries as much as possible, with absolute excellence and quality.

Our expertise in project delivery, recognized both nationally and internationally by partners, clients and markets, was the stepping stone to structure [ kolekto ] liveflow: the exclusive framework designed to organize project flows between [ kolekto ] and client teams, featuring a hybrid approach based on best waterfall, agile, scrum and kanban practices.

One of the pillars of the [ kolekto ] customer experience we offer to our clients is the functional prototyping of solutions, which allows previewing the solution to be delivered at an early stage, in order for the main stakeholders to validate the user experience. We have app builder Ux-certified advisors that ensure high-fidelity displays and user experience in the Lightning Experience Design System Salesforce®.

practice 4

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Specialized support services for Salesforce®. /

The digital transformation strategy continues even after the application launch. Having a consistent operational continuity technique is crucial to explore all of the benefits and secure the best ROI in the Salesforce® Customer 360 platform, building an environment that enables fast, constant and secure innovation.

[ kolekto ] ongoing is a set of essential solutions to ensure user adoption, manage, maintain and develop applications in the Salesforce® platform. It ensures secure change management and allowing adopting a center of excellence in technology governance practices, in order to ensure optimal application performance and system reliability with minimal downtime and higher scalability.

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