living what
we believe
and believing
in what we do. /

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All [ kolekto ] initiatives embody who we are and our beliefs. /

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Equity is our flag;
the diversity are our strength. /

[ kolekto ] representa is a volunteer squad formed by our employees, which ever since 2017, in celebration of the LGBTQIA+ Pride month, has a mission to share ideas and ensure respect and empathy, regardless of belief, gender, values or social status. While celebrating the International Women’s Day in 2018, we felt the need to have a multidisciplinary team constantly focused on discussing representative actions. Since then, we meet on a regular basis to discuss and promote affirmative actions to achieve this goal.

all for one;
one for all. /

We have built a more representative, welcoming and therefore more inclusive environment. This is the key to our success as an organization and as part of a better society

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We’re together;
we’re not alone. /

[ kolekto ] juntos is an initiative that monitors talents throughout their entire journey at the organization. Based on their interest in career opportunities, throughout their entire journey with us we offer an opportunity to work together and write a great story for everyone. 

There’s a reason why “We’re together; we’re not alone” is the primary pillar of the [ kolekto ] culture.

The first day at work, induction and onboarding, all of the work tools, short and medium-term goals, training and incentive to attain certifications, periodic employee performance and satisfaction monitoring, and much more. We make sure the experience of working at [ kolekto ] brings out the best in people.

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Talent recruitment
and training program. /

[ kolekto hackforce ] is our talent acquisition and training acceleration program. Based on the Trailhead, with interactive tracks and gamification, expert mentorship and collaborative hackathon methodology, we train participants to deliver their first project in the Salesforce® platform in one week.

After introducing basic concepts in CRM and agile project organization, we propose a delivery challenge that will be reviewed by a panel of experts after 40 hours of the program. The top candidates will be offered a career opportunity at [ kolekto ].

We also offer this program to the community, free of charge. This is a great opportunity for students, recent graduates and professionals looking to join the Salesforce® ecosystem. Our goals are to promote the platform and business concepts, train talents and open up new paths for people who want to rewrite their stories.

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needs a hug. /

it is our social responsibility initiative, a bridge between [ kolekto ] and the community.

The purpose is to positively impact and transform people's lives by supporting and encouraging ideas, projects and actions, directing the engagement, efforts and resources of [ kolekto ] and its employees. 

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Complete content platform
about innovation. /

Technology is the path we chosen to promote innovation and we believe that by creating and sharing content we contribute to accelerate the process of transforming people, companies and the community. This is in our DNA.

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