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Portfolio of ready-to-go services and products

In addition to consulting, the development of mobile applications and cloud computing portals and the deployment of customized solutions in digital marketing, we have a complete portfolio of ready-to-go services and products to quickly insert your company in the best practices of the Customer Relationship Management world.

kolekto bot ]


Automate the conversations in your different channels and points of contacts, giving to the user easy use and conversion, with greater customer engagement. All this generates more satisfaction, increasing sales and reducing costs.

In a fully integrated architecture with Salesforce Service Cloud® and Salesforce® LiveMessaging, the solution uses the N.A.I.L. framework | Nama Artificial Intelligence Language for building intelligent chatbots in an easy, robust and scalable way with Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing features.

kolekto oem ]

If your company is a manufacturer, besides sending qualified leads to the point of sales and having a commercial automation at your network, it is also important for your brand to manage the efficiency of your dealers.

[ kolekto oem ] is an application built on the Salesforce® platform that integrates all your digital marketing processes, customer service and sales for the capture, distribution and processing of leads. We deliver case management tools between the network and the brand original manufacturer and dashboards for real-time monitoring of the commercial activity of your network through indicators such as volume and conversion of leads, sales pipeline, service level for treatment and satisfaction of leads, volume of missed opportunities by stage, resolution of cases and sources of media that best convert into sales.

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kolekto support ]

With a highly trained team that deeply understands the Salesforce® applications and CRM architecture, [ kolekto support ] is a ready-to-go solution that offers up to three levels of support.

We deliver response times that enable high availability of applications for the business environment, even for projects that were not originally designed by [ kolekto ]. This results in gains of efficiency, risk mitigation and resource savings for your company.

user support

Support considering the actions of the users in the applications and enterprise systems.

aplications support

Corrections and enhancements of the business applications or integration processes through code fixing or changes in system settings.

business support

Identification of enhancement opportunities on the business level by evaluating performance indicators and business processes, in addition to new technologies.

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kolekto dealer ]

Rely on [ kolekto leads ] efficiency is not enough if your sales team is not structured to follow the relationship with these customers from the confirmation of the first visit through the conclusion of the sale or delivery of the service.

[ kolekto dealer ] is a cloud computing application that automates all the contact journey and calendar between your sales team and all their leads and visitors in order to optimize the commercial management and productivity of your team besides increasing the sales conversion.

We allow your company to track in real time its commercial activities and results such as the response time of the first contact and the commercial operational efficiency, as well as indicators related to customer satisfaction and leads reception, processing and convertion.

Key features for commercial managers

  • Receive notifications such as:
    • Start of the customer assistance by salespeople after the arrival of the shopper;
    • Completion of the sale or service associated to leads or visits;
    • Delay in customer monitoring at the contact phases;
    • Criticism or suggestions from customers about items in the satisfaction survey.
  • Forward leads to your team manually or through pre-defined criteria such as performance in sales or availability;
  • Colaborate through messages about guidance or questions from your team during the sales process;
  • Open and track cases from the dealer to the manufacturer at customer request;
  • Keep track of different types of KPIs associated with commercial operation and customer satisfaction.

Key features for salesmen

  • Manage the salespersons agenda and your customer portfolio through a mobile application;
  • Receive notifications such as:
    • Leads sent to you by the manager;
    • Arrival of leads or visits;
    • Changes or cancelation of a visit schedulled by the customer;
    • Customer follow-up required in a contact phase.
  • Automate the management of your schedule of tasks and assistances;
  • Register the progress of each contact phase with the customers;
  • Confirm your availability to start an attendance or send your team a request so other staff can take the attendance;
  • Keep track of different types of KPIs associated with your performance and your customers satisfaction.

kolekto leads ]

A full leads qualification service that we offer to your company. We operate from the leads capture process, through monitoring the customer in the point of sales, until the application of independent satisfaction surveys.

[ kolekto leads ] is based on the latest technologies and ensures the best response times to your customers. We deliver automated processes such as the elimination of duplicated leads; the identification of false leads; the enrichment of leads with identification, location, behavioral and financial data; besides the integration of leads with customized information and offers from retail, relationship and loyalty programs; and the prioritization of leads coming from the best media sources.

We have specialized agents in your business segment for a multi-channel service; we deliver qualified leads to your team; and we enable your company to remotely monitor our operation and follow the in real-time performance indicators.

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