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We develop innovative solutions in business applications.

We adress your needs, especially in mission critical applications, by integrating cutting edge technologies and professional services to enhance the performance and to have the best time-to-market in the development of business solutions.



We have experience in the mapping and analysis of specific business requirements for the development of CRM solutions that result in: i. the reduction of your commercial operating costs and gain on sales team's motivation once you start to receive only qualified leads; ii. growth of salespeople productivity and higher conversion rates for leads and visitors through the automation of commercial processes; iii. lower investments in marketing in order to achieve your sales objectives; iv. customer's satisfaction augmentation once they begin to interact to your company through an individual and multi-channel relationship, at the right time, in the way they want and by receiving personalized information. Discover our ready-to-go solutions.

business applications

We develop customized solutions and applications on Salesforce® platform and complementary technologies that aim the integration among all your legacy systems, gain of user productivity and your business performance enhancement. We offer products and cloud computing services with high availability, flexibility and scalability.

Combining the Salesforce® technology with our own agile methodologies in development and project design, we deliver innovative CRM solutions in less than half the time when compared to other platforms in the market. That means going quickly and on time from ZERO to GO LIVE but with high levels of control and quality of delivery.

professional allocations

Whether for business or technology needs, [ kolekto ] selects, hires, trains, manages and allocates, for your company, human resources specialized in CRM solutions for the development, support and ongoing maintenance of applications in Salesforce®. We have an HR department with a history of more than 1000 allocations in the technology sector and a policy that values, encourages, compromises and retains its staff for medium and long term projects.


marketing cloud partner

We integrate, enrich and update all the data of your customers or system users and carry out the construction and automation of 1:1 customer journeys through email, SMS, social, mobile applications, websites, cloud computing portals, chat and call center that are based on profiles, preferences and unique interactions.

We develop customized solutions so your company can manage content and monitor the engagement of your customers on social networks, mobile applications and cloud computing portals. Through the tools of Salesforce Marketing Cloud®, we also enable your company to manage ads and optimize your digital media.

We understand that every consistent strategy of CRM needs a digital marketing platform that takes to the customer relationship content and information about the brand, services or products. By implementing these solutions in your company, you will be able to create campaigns, generate audiences and impact your customers with promotional and relationship messages in real time and in a quickly and personalized way.


digital factory

We develop mobile applications and cloud computing portals that optimize results in retail platforms, lead management, sales automation, relationship and loyalty programs, customer service and data analysis.

user experience

We seek to optimize the standard features of the Salesforce® platform and provide outside the box solutions so the user experience can be simple and intuitive. Our purpose is to facilitate the user daily activities and his adoption to the system.


ITIL® methodology

We offer to our customers support and evolutive maintenance tailored for all applications in Salesforce® through a service that goes far beyond the traditional helpdesk. We perform a complete diagnosis of the processes and needs of each system user and develop with and for our customers specific service level agreements for each business model. Learn about our ready-to-go solutions.

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