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We were founded in 2012 with the purpose of - through technology - reducing the distance between the established objectives and the results achieved by our customers. Understanding that the business environment is increasingly fragmented, connected and mobile, we became experts in the development of cloud computing solutions.

Our technology strategy is focused on the Salesforce® Customer Success Platform, the world's #1 CRM. We develop solutions with an emphasis on leads management, sales automation, customer service and support, mobile applications and portals, as well as the creation and automation of 1:1 customer journeys through multi-channels.

We are leaders and specialists in Salesforce® for the Automotive Sector and strategic partners for complex multi-cloud projects. /

Based on a long, wide and deep relationship with our clients, we deliver high level projects that allow digital transformation of business and corporations.

we are here to transform. /

Along with our clients, employees, partners and community, we believe that each one of us is responsible to involve, inspire and promote the transformation we want.

And we are not just talking about transforming technology into experiences and results. We want more. We also want to transform barriers into opportunities; dreams in new realities; lives into great stories.

Success, satisfaction, happiness… All this is more than our final destination. It is the starting point for all of our paths.

We are here to transform and we have no limits. We transform these limits into goals to go above and beyond.

This is how we do it. /

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R. Pais Leme, 136 - cj. 1110 - Pinheiros

CEP 05.424-010 | São Paulo SP Brasil

+55 11 2594.9325 | kolekto@kolekto.com.br

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